Polluters Should Pay


To carry on my theme of power companies today, I was just reading a very interesting article in The Age newspaper, on-line. It described a letter sent by a leading Australian energy company, TRUenergy's managing director Richard McIndoe, urging both the Victorian Government and the Federal Government not to implement the recommendations of the Garnaut Review and to give polluting coal power   [Continue Reading …]

Solar Power Pitfall


I had a phone call from my friendly Powercor Australia representative today. It was a very interesting call.Unbeknownst to me, I was informed that I have to fork out A$299.20 for the privilege of putting clean renewable energy into the neighbourhood grid. This ridiculous amount is apparently for some bureaucratic project paperwork and some stickers (I couldn't quite hear the lame explanation as I   [Continue Reading …]

Frugal Food 2


Well, we have been doing a lot of cooking and baking around the house of late, and I thought it was time for an update.I made some more strawberry jam on Sunday from a 500gm box of local strawberries that were marked down to $1 because they were one day away from expiry date. It is just crazy how supermarkets just mark it down, and the next day throw away perfectly good food. I should have   [Continue Reading …]

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

I was doing some research on Peak Oil today (I seem obsessive on the issue), and it seams that a politician, the Honourable Andrew McNamara, Queensland Minister for Sustainability, Climate Change and Innovation has his head screwed on right. I read a transcript of a speech called "Highway of Diamonds", that he delivered to the Brisbane Institute on 4th March 2008. I was very impressed with his   [Continue Reading …]

ANZAC Day 2008

The 25th of April is ANZAC Day and it is a national holiday in Australia. ANZAC stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corp, and was the designation given to the combined force that participated in the Gallipoli campaign during World War I. Many Australians believe, as do I, that the ANZAC spirit, and mate-ship that occurred during this conflict, is what defines us as a nation today.My   [Continue Reading …]

Doesn’t The Sun Work Anymore?


I think that the marketing world has just gone crazy!Kim told me this morning, shaking her head and angry as hell, as I was working, about this new hydroponic indoor garden device that has just come onto the market here in Australia. It is called the AeroGarden, and it is basically an indoor vegetable garden designed to grow things like cherry tomatoes, chillies, assorted herbs and some flowers.   [Continue Reading …]

Don’t Count Your Chickens


After much discussion (and coercing), Kim has finally agreed to let us have four chickens. I like chickens and remember that we always had some on the dairy farm that I grew up on. We decided that we would rather know that our eggs are produced with lots of tender loving care, and not to sponsor cruel egg production techniques. We will not be using them for meat, and all will have names. I   [Continue Reading …]

1000 Visitors


Today was a momentous day! At 11:30 am, the one thousandth visitor since February 26th viewed my blog. I had a tear in my eye, and never thought that in my wildest dreams that many people from Australia, let alone, the world, would be interested in my journey and my sometimes crazy opinions.To all that have visited, and are yet to visit, I thank you for reading about my family's journey towards a   [Continue Reading …]

Smoke Haze

A word of warning. This post will be a rant, sorry, but I need to get this issue off of my chest!The last few days we have been suffering from smoke haze and a burning smell every morning and for most of the day. This is because the Department of Sustainability and Environment and Parks Victoria are reducing the fuel in some of our state forests. The smoke was so bad here yesterday that I   [Continue Reading …]

Why growing food at home is good for you


Lately I have been thinking about why growing your own food is good for you. So over the last few weeks I came up with this list in no specific order of importance;Children learn about the cycle of lifeIt is relaxing working in the food garden, especially with musicExercises your body regularlyReduces food milesTeaches important skills for the futureHelps combat climate change by sequestering   [Continue Reading …]

We Campaign

Today, I send out an email to many people, asking them to sign up for an international campaign to help fight the climate crisis. Here is the email, which I slightly edited from the form mail that was available;Dear Friends and Family,I've signed up for the We Campaign because I believe that by working together, we can solve the climate crisis. Will you join me in convincing the U.S. Government   [Continue Reading …]

Ban the Bag and put Deposits on Cans


How hard is it, really? When I see the news that the Federal Government and States cannot come to a simple agreement to ban plastic shopping bags, what chance do we have when we need them to get to the hard decisions about carbon taxes or cap and trade? Will all of our elected officials continue to give in to the corporate giants every time a hard decision has to be made? If our politicians   [Continue Reading …]

Environmental Insanity


I was just reading an article in The Age newspaper (online of course), and it made me think. The headline read "Most Australians alarmed at climate change", and goes on to say that 9 out of 10 Australians are worried about climate change. Fair enough I say, and a realistic enough survey, but the real point was missed. From what I observe daily around my town, and I do a lot of observation   [Continue Reading …]

Healthy Eating and Living


Kim and I have decided to eat even more vegetarian meals. In fact we even shopped for it this week. Kim found a website with some recipes on it that she liked the look of. It is called Vegan Village, and it is a UK site. So we picked a few of the recipes and bought the ingredients for them. We also talked today at lunch, that we have just kind of fallen into eating more vegetarian meals, and   [Continue Reading …]

In touch with your inner self


It was such a beautiful morning, I decided to get a few things done around the house, but found myself getting all flustered and my head was full of clutter and I didn't feel settled. So I went inside, got my iPod and plugged it into some PC speakers I have outside on the deck, and put on some calming music and meditated. As Adam would say, there is that middle aged hippy at it again! I have   [Continue Reading …]

Being Green Doesn’t Cost The Earth

If you thought yesterdays post was a bit weird, this one is positively sane. The verdict is in! Our families contribution to lessening the effect of climate change has just taken a huge leap forward. I received my power bill today, and not only is it the lowest cost I have ever received for a quarterly bill, it is the lowest summer bill ever in the 8 years since we have been living here in Melton!   [Continue Reading …]

My Dream


I had a vivid dream last night that I must share with you all. It was a bit weird so bare with me.Somehow, I was voted the "Greenest bloke in Australia", (I am far from it), and was visited by the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd and his deputy Julia Gillard (who is also my local Federal MP). It was like a carnival. The press coverage was incredible and the media was all over me. I held   [Continue Reading …]

Green Log Awards

Well it is the big day. I am an official voting site for the 2008 GREEN LOG Home & Lifestyle Awards, and voting has opened today. Here is a brief precis of the award;"The GREEN LOG Home & Lifestyle Awards™ were created in response to the growing demand for green building solutions, products, and information. The goal of the awards is to locate and shine a spotlight on those companies and   [Continue Reading …]