Flower Beds and Beer Philosophy

I have been promising to plant out the fallow garden bed for a while, so today I put up a 2 metre trellis for the Sweet pea. I found the trellis behind our little shed, which was still in good condition, and hammered in two garden stakes for support then fixed the trellis with cable ties. It fits nicely at the end of the bed against the brick wall. I sowed about 15 seeds, and they should germinate in about 14 days. I will be able to train the plants up the trellis for a large bloom of colour. I then planted Nasturtiums in half the bed, and will plant the rest out with red poppy in a couple of months time. Lots of colour, as winter vegetable gardens don’t have much, so it will brighten up the place. Kim is now very happy.

After lunch, Adam and I made a batch of beer. We used Coopers Canadian Blonde as the base mix and added 1 kg of Brew Enhancer #1 to it. We completed the first part inside, which was to mix the ingredients with 2 litres of boiling water, and then Adam carried the fermenter out to the rainwater tank and we filled to 23 litres. Adam then carried the heavy fermenter to the shed, and we finished of mixing and took the initial specific gravity measurement (1.045), then pitched the yeast.

I then philosophised with Adam and I proposed that yeast were kind of like our current civilisation. Let me enlighten you. Yeast multiply when there is an abundant and reliable food source (sucrose) and ideal living conditions (water temp between 21-28 degree C). They then produce waste that they can’t dispose of (ethanol). If their water gets to hot, they die or too cold, they die (micro climate change). They then multiply rapidly until their food source runs out, and eventually their waste poisons their environment. Most of them die and fall to the bottom of the barrel! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it. I can certainly relate to the analogy and so did Adam. The real question is, will we be like yeast, or will we stop being like yeast and change our behaviours and create a new way of living sustainably?

I vote for living in a sustainable way, as I don’t want to end up like the yeast in my beer fermenter, which is at the bottom of the barrel!


  1. Adam says

    Nice one Dad. Very emotive. Sounded almost like Agent Smith from ‘The Matrix’ comparing the human race to a virus. Also, we should of taken some photos of the amber fluid being brewed. Maybe next batch.

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