My wonderful family

Three posts into my eco blog and it has been amiss of me not introducing the other members of my green team.

Kim, my wonderful wife, life partner, and soul mate, has been my biggest supporter along the journey so far. She was a bit dubious at first, but after I managed to explain about climate change and after viewing of “An Inconvenient Truth”, she reacted in the same way I did. Kim loves shopping and selling on Ebay, and she is a big fan of reuse.

Adam is my eldest son, and alas he is not very environmentally aware. However he ensures that his PC is turned off at the wall to avoid standby power loss, and he is the muscles of the family. He helps me build any new garden beds that I require. I wish he would buy a bike and ride it around town!

Amy is my eldest daughter, has just started University and is completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science. She also helps with building garden beds, and we have great conversations about the environment we live in. She is the most passionate of all my children when it comes to our planets plight. I believe that she will join an environmental activist group whilst at Uni!

Megan, my teenage daughter, is only just becoming aware of environmental issues, but is still very much in the conformity, and consumption habits of a teenager brought about by peer group pressure. She has just discovered dress making, which is a wonderful trait. She is very outspoken and with a bit of coaching will make a great environmental advocate.

Ben is my youngest son and is at primary school. He is very aware of climate crisis and is always helping me out in the garden. He is also an active member of the “Power Police”, and remind everyone else if they leave lights or appliances turned on and not in use. He constantly helps to remind me that sometimes it takes the mind of a child to ask the really hard questions regarding climate change!

They are all wonderful children who support Kim and I and visa versa. All still live at home, therefore lowering our footprint by increasing our living density.

Last but not least, how could I not mention the smallest member of our clan, Butch, our Australian/Silky Terrier dog. We took over his welfare when he was 2 years old. His previous owners had to work overseas, and put him up for adoption. He is the wisest of the family members being 92 dog years old. His is also the biggest food recycler of leftover dinners with not a scrap going to waste. His other duty is to ensure the properties fences are well patrolled and protected!

The other pets we have are two goldfish called “Donkey” and “Lady Dragon”. We also have about 5000 nameless compost worms that I feed kitchen scraps to. It is pretty hard to name them all as they all look alike and move too fast when I lift the lid of their worm motel!

As for me, I enjoy everything that life throws at me. I enjoy pottering about my vegetable garden, which is low maintenance, and it gives me time to reflect on life and all its challenges. I dislike creating waste in all its forms and subscribe to the adage “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. I treasure the raw power of the Sun. After all, it makes my plants grow, gives us free electricity, and free hot water. What more can you ask from our closest star! I am also into renewable energy, and am a member of the Alternate Technology Association.

I love my family very much and you will hear more about them as the blog develops.

I will leave you with a quote which I often think about when proceeding on each step of our sustainable journey.

We must become the change we want to see
Mahatma Gandhi
Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)


  1. Anonymous says

    Just amazing Gav! What a wonderful introduction to your family and their journey. You can be totally proud of what you have achieved. You are my inspiration! Your Green mate ..Jen.

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